Side Effects of Eating Too Many Eggs

 Side Effects of Eating Too Many Eggs
  • You should keep an eye on the foods eaten with eggs and decide what sides to serve. Eggs’ high fat and cholesterol content have been linked to diabetes, prostate, colon, and colorectal cancer risk, as well as injury to the heart.
  • If you eat too many eggs, your digestive system may suffer and you may have excruciating abdominal pain. Some people could experience negative consequences even after consuming eggs for lunch or brunch. If a person has an undiscovered food allergy or egg sensitivity, this could get even worse.
  • More than half of the daily prescribed 186 milligrams of cholesterol can be found in a single egg. Therefore, consuming an excessive amount of eggs per day increases bad cholesterol levels, increasing your chance of developing heart disease.
  • The yolk is made entirely of cholesterol, while egg whites are entirely made of proteins. Therefore, the fat levels will remain high even if you are eating boiled eggs, which could discreetly impair your heart health.

For people with heart problems, eating fewer yolks and more whites when eating eggs may be a healthier alternative.