Difference Between An Pandemic, Epidemic And Outbreak.


The word Pandemic originates from the Greek word “Pandemos” which means “all people.” This term is used to designate a disease, when it has been widely distributed across the global populace, at a very fast pace, without any control, afflicting different groups of people in many countries and continents.

With WHO announcing COVID-19 as a Pandemic, due to the virus spreading rapidly in 110 over 4000 people and 110 countries dying so far, the international community would be imposing more curbs on travel and imports, besides quarantining the patients who tested positive for n-COV infection.


An epidemic indicates a disease that has spread rapidly amongst the population of an entire state or country i.e. a larger topographical area.


This phrase is used to denote a sudden rise in the number of people affected by a disease, contained within a well-defined geographical region, such as a city or town in one country.

To stay safe and steer clear of acquiring COVID-19, make sure to take the following precautions.

  1. Consciously engage in social distancing. Work from home as much as possible and even while venturing out to buy essentials like groceries and medicine, maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from anyone else.
  2. Avoid unnecessary travel. With India too recording more than 60 cases, be cautious while traveling.
  3. If you are suffering from persistent dry cough, fever, difficulty in breathing, consult a doctor immediately.
  4. If you have traveled abroad to any of the coronavirus affected countries in recent months, get screened for COVID-19.
  5. Do not panic and start believing in rumors. Practice personal hygiene – use hand sanitizers, wash hands regularly and avoid participating in large gatherings.
  6. Since there is no vaccine available for COVID-19, practice all precautionary measures as this is the only way to be safe.