Covaxin Vs Covishield:Uses, Side-effects And Efficacy

Covaxin Vs Covishield:Uses, Side-effects And Efficacy

Who Should Get Vaccinated?

According to the current guidelines, anyone above 45 years of age should get vaccinated without fail. But, from 1st May 2021, every person above 18 years of age should be vaccinated.

How Many Doses Should You Take during vaccination?

Like most other vaccines, both the COVID-19 vaccines should be given in the muscles (intramuscularly), preferably in the upper arm and in 2 doses.

You need to take 2 doses of the same vaccine (Covishield or Covaxin) for the vaccination schedule to be completed. This is because it is only after 2 – 3 weeks of the second dose that an adequate immune response is produced by the body.

The 2nd dose schedule for

Covishield is 6 weeks to 8 weeks (42 days to 56 days) after 1st dose

Covaxin is 4 weeks to 6 weeks (28 days to 48 days) after 1st dose.

Side-effects of Covaxin:

Some immediate symptoms that may occur include

Pain and swelling at the site of the injection,Headache,Fatigue,Fever,Body ache,Abdominal pain,Nausea and vomiting,Dizziness-giddiness,Sweating,Cold and cough,Tremors

Side-effects of Covishield:

Pain and tenderness at the site of injection site,Headache,Fatigue,Myalgia (muscle pain),Malaise (Generalised weakness),Pyrexia (fever),Chills,Arthralgia (joint pain),Nausea

Who Should NOT get vaccinated?

– People with allergic reaction/anaphylaxis (immediate or delayed) to vaccines, food items, pharmaceutical products, injectables, etc

– People with a history of allergic reaction to a previous dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

– Women who are pregnant (including the ones who are not sure of their pregnancy) and breastfeeding women 

– With active COVID-19 infection or those waiting for test results

– Who have been given anti-COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma 

– Who are unwell and hospitalized for any illness.

Covaxin Vs Covishield: Which Is Better? 

There is no head-to-head comparison data available for these vaccines in India. Both vaccines work fine in preventing the infection and lowering the risk of getting a serious infection (if infected in the future). The key aim is to prevent death in elderly people and those with comorbid conditions such as diabetes, respiratory disease, heart disease, etc.