Can you test COVID positive even after getting vaccinated?

Can you test COVID positive even after getting vaccinated?

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), the vaccine would not cause a positive test result for PCR or antigen test. “This is because the tests check for active disease and not whether an individual is immune or not,” it states.

In the case of an antibody test, however, it may be possible to test positive. The serology test measures a person’s COVID-19 immunity. Since the vaccine prompts an immune response, so some antibody tests might show the result as positive, mentions the international public health agency.

Infection after getting the COVID vaccine?

Medical experts have termed such instances “breakthrough cases” whereby a fully vaccinated person gets the disease they are vaccinated for.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says multiple factors
affect how a vaccine works “in real-world conditions”. These include:

*Host factors such as people not included in clinical trials who may respond
differently to the vaccine

*Virus factors such as variants

*Virus mutations

*Programmatic factors such as following dosing schedules or storing and handling vaccines properly

Besides, no vaccine in the world has been deemed disease-proof, Dr. Rajesh Gupta, additional director, pulmonology and critical care, Fortis Hospital, Noida tells.

As per him, “Immunity kicking in depends on some things. Remember that no vaccine allows for 100 percent immunity. There is something called the window period which is the time between when the vaccine is given and when it comes into effect and immunity kicks in. During the window period, you might get infected.”

In the case of covid 19, the window period is about two weeks after getting the second dose of the vaccine said the doctor. “What you also need to remember is that all vaccines do not cover all the strains and the new strains may keep appearing. Therefore there might be a small percentage of people who get infected but they will have the mild or moderate form of the disease.”

So the bottom line is that we should not stop taking precautions even after being vaccinated since The virus is affecting those people who think that just because they have been vaccinated they do not need to follow COVID precautions.