Year 2021: Here’s Your Tips To Stay Healthy & Fit!

Year 2021: Here’s Your Tips To Stay Healthy & Fit!

Flush Out Toxins from your food:

Human body is like a machine and it needs all the care. While food gives us energy, it can also leave certain components that can have toxic effects and external pollutants too can play a havoc on the body. Detoxification is a crucial step towards keeping the body clean and healthy from within. If your health permits, practice fasting for few hours, guzzle down natural drinks like water, fresh juices bereft of added sugars, preservatives for cleansing the system. Detoxification reduces inflammation instantly, makes body lighter and restores it with high energy levels. Sleeping on time for at least 8 hours too helps in relaxing your body and mind.

Matter of 30 Minutes:

Fitness trainers recommend 30 minutes in a day to stay super fit. And if you thought, sweating it out only at gyms would get you desired results, think again. Make it a habit to practice simple stretches, HIITat home, yoga and meditation just for half-an-hour in a day to stay healthy and happy. Also, do not forget to take small breaks between work, get up from the chair, walk, stretch and guzzle down water to gain energy back. If you have other co-morbid conditions, talk to your doctor on how much time you may have to invest daily in workouts for good physical and mental health.

Be positive:

Pandemic and positivity may not go together in a single sentence but there is no denying that all we need is some good thought process and hopes. Do you know that staying strong mentally plays a crucial role in combating various physical disorders and this contagious infection is not an exception? For maintaining positive thinking at all times, it is important to keep stress levels under check, avoid anxiety, take care of mental health to prevent panic attacks. In a nutshell, your mental wellbeing is a precursor to your overall physical health.

Build Strong Immunity:

If there is one year, that has taught us the importance of having an infection resistance body the credit goes to 2020. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in combating various contagious diseases and human body needs it in ample amounts. Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, the body cannot store it and needs to be replenished daily. Ensure consuming vitamin C supplements or foods rich in citrus after food for better absorption.