Why do we soak Mangoes Before Eating?

Why do we soak Mangoes Before Eating?

Busting fat:

Mangoes have a lot of phytochemicals. Therefore soaking them reduces their concentration, making them act as ‘natural fat busters’.

Keeping it cool:

Mangoes also raise the temperature of the body resulting in the production of thermogenesis. Therefore, soaking mangoes in water for a while would help in reducing their thermogenic property.

Washing away chemicals:

The pesticides and insecticides that are used on crops to protect them, are poisonous and can affect the body causing different side effects like respiratory tract irritation, allergic sensitization, headache, eye and skin irritation, nausea and so on. Also, by soaking, it removes the milky sap on its stem that contains the phytic acid.

Getting rid of phytic acid:

Phytic acid is one of those nutrients that can be both good and bad for health. Considered an anti-nutrient, phytic acid blocks the absorption of certain minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and other minerals by the body thereby promoting mineral deficiencies.

According to nutritionists, mangoes contain a natural molecule known as phytic acid which is seen in several fruits, vegetables and even nuts. So, when mangoes are soaked in water for a few hours, it helps in removing the excess phytic acid that generates heat in the body.

Avoiding diseases:

The practice also helps in preventing several skin issues like acne, pimples and also other health issues like headaches, constipation and other gut-related issues. “Soaking fruits in water will get rid of heat principle from them. This process is followed so that they do not cause side effects like diarrhea and skin problems like acne,” Dr Ashutosh Gautam, an Ayurveda expert, told NDTV Food.