Top everyday habits that could expand your waistline!

Top everyday habits that could expand your waistline!
  1. Drinking water while standing: A common occurrence these days when people hardly have time to sit and have their meals peacefully, one often ends up drinking water while standing or even walking. This, however, could be the reason you are bloated and overtime developing belly fat. Ayurveda says that the human body is created in a way that it gets maximum benefits from water when consumed while sitting down and in a good posture with the back straight. Doing this helps water reach the brain and boosts its functions as well.
  2. Drinking too much of soda: Carbonated sugary drinks like sodas are often enjoyed in a glassful with lots of ice beside a whole pizza or a bowl of pasta. Common myth is that it helps digesting these heavy foods full of refined carbs – but as it turns out, these drinks are actually loaded with refined sugars that may overtime give you stubborn belly fat. With as much as 39 grams of sugar in a glass, sugary sodas surpass your daily recommended sugar intake and as per studies, can increase risk of belly fat accumulation by 70%.
  3. Probiotic lacking diets: Probiotics refer to the foods that help balance gut bacteria levels thereby keeping the digestive tract clear and healthy. Foods like yogurt act as probiotics that help prevent bloating and other forms of digestive distress that could actually result in belly fat accumulation.
  4. Skipping meals: Diet fads and limiting calorie intake aside, skipping meals in no way could contribute to reduction in belly fat. Instead, it could be the factor that gives you obesity and the extra inches around the waistline. Depriving your body of food for longer hours could slow down metabolism, reduce the rate at which calories burn and can contribute to belly fat accumulation over time.
  5. Eating at odd hours and from a big plate: Opting for a big or small plate defines the amount of food that you will take for one meal which further defines calorie intake. Therefore, experts recommend eating meals on a small plate which will induce a sense of fullness in smaller portion and will overtime help in cutting down calorie intake. And if you are skipping meals, hunger pangs could strike at odd hours which also affects metabolism. According to a recent study, people who have their breakfast before 8.30am are less likely to develop insulin resistance and metabolic disorders like diabetes. Therefore, if you are trying to dodge belly fat, eat well, eat limited and eat early to gain maximum nutritional value from every meal while not adding extra inches to the waistline.