Top Asked Questions On Belly Fat Answered!

Top Asked Questions On Belly Fat Answered!

Q: Is belly fat different from the fat found elsewhere in the body?

Yes. While the fat found on your arms, hips, and most of the body is subcutaneous, belly fat is more likely to be visceral. Subcutaneous fat is the “PINCHABLE fat” that you can see, it’s located just between the skin and the muscle. Whereas, visceral fat is “HIDDEN fat” that wraps around your abdominal organs. Visceral fat is notorious as it interferes with hormonal balance and normal body functioning.

Q: Is belly fat hard to lose & What is one thing that I must do to lose belly fat?

Not really. The visceral fat is in fact the first fat you lose. This is because the area around the belly is in proximity to the liver and thus has a faster metabolism.

Sit less and move more. Find ways to get moving. Set a timer on your phone to remind you to get up every hour or so. You don’t need to do complicated workouts. Even brisk walking can help.

Along with exercise, a diet that’s tailored according to your food choices and health status can make it easier to reach your weight loss goals.

Q: Can skinny people have belly fat too?

Yes. You can look skinny or have a healthy body mass index but still have fat accumulated around your belly. Fat is visible in most people. However, research shows that MRIs and CT scans have shown that many skinny people have hidden layers of belly fat too.