Navratri diet: How to lose weight safely and naturally during your fast!

Navratri diet: How to lose weight safely and naturally during your fast!

Why some people gain weight during Navratris

  • When breaking fast, many people tend to lose perspective and eat recklessly, including fatty foods that are hard to digest
  • Not eating healthy alternatives for food
  • Skipping micronutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables when fasting
  • Not drinking sufficient water during fasting
  • Eating more of outside foods rather than home-cooked food

A Navratri diet plan which helps in weight loss

Include more vegetables: Vegetables will make you feel fuller during fasting as well as after breaking the fast. You can try vegetable salads and vegetable soups to fill yourself up. Include spinach, pumpkin, tomato, cucumber, and raw papaya in your diet.

Have small frequent meals: Not eating or starving the complete day will not only drop your blood glucose levels but will also take away your energy. Instead, go for small 3 to 4 meals to maintain healthy blood glucose levels for the entire day.

Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated is critical. Not just plain water, you can opt for other healthier fluids like coconut water, lime water, and vegetable juices in order to keep your body hydrated. Otherwise, you will feel hungry and weak while fasting. Also, drinking water helps in detoxification, which is good for your weight and health.

Keep moving: Fasting can make you feel tired and you might want to just rest and not move at all. But this is the wrong approach. You need to make a point to move frequently. Thus, along with keeping an eye on what you eat, keep doing your daily chores. This will give the body the required physical activity, which in turn, will help to keep your weight under control.

Opt for healthier snacks: Navratri brings a variety of snacks that are really difficult to ignore. It is very easy to feel tempted for pooris and pakodas – but you better not. Instead, you can go for saboodana bhel, roasted makhanas, and chanas which are better for your system.

Choose low-fat options: Rather than opting for commonly available full-fat milk products, opt for the low-fat versions of low-fat milk and low-fat dahi. These healthy options supply vital nutrients like protein and amino-acids while keeping fat levels at the lowest level.

Eat home-cooked food: Many restaurants provide special thalis during Navratris. But that acts as a big contributor to your weight gain because they contain excess oil and spices. Eat home-cooked meals or try cooking something at home this Navratri in order to lose weight.