Know The Benefits Of Walking Barefoot On Grass

Know The Benefits Of Walking Barefoot On Grass

Improves Eyesight

Walking barefoot on grass is an effective way to improve eyesight naturally. There are points under the feet to which eye nerve system is attached. According to reflexology, applying pressure to those points you can energize the eyes. Looking at green also relax your eye muscles.

Reduces pain and inflammation

Grounding is an easy and all-natural way to deal with swelling and inflammation caused due to injuries. Walking barefoot on grass stimulates almost an immediate action to get rid of inflammation. And when inflammation is reduced, oxygenated blood flows more freely and efficiently which makes you heal faster. With improved circulation, the blood carries the health-restorative nutrients to the farthest and minutest corners of the body and promotes faster recovery.

Improves the body’s sleep cycle

Recent studies have shown positive effects of walking barefoot on grass towards a deeper and more restful sleep. A bit of earthing can help stabilize your body clock by improving the consistency of your circadian rhythm and maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Physical contact with the earth’s surface helps reduce the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body, thereby promoting sound sleep.

Relieves stress

Walking barefoot on grass, especially in the morning, helps rejuvenate and calm your senses and mind. The combination of fresh misty air, warm sunlight, green surroundings and the pleasant morning atmosphere not only relieves stress but also improves your mood. Fresh oxygen is vital for your body’s organs and the calm atmosphere helps relax your entire body and mind. These, in turn, help you feel relaxed and relieve stress.

Keeps Feet Healthy

When you walk bare feet, the skin of the feet is stretched and kept relaxed. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the feet are also get strengthened and hence there is no chance of any sore feet. Also, walking barefoot improves the flexor strength which is beneficial for people who have flat feet.

Aids in maintaining your posture

Walking barefoot is also a great exercise for the feet as it strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in our feet, ankles, and calves. This helps keep the posture upright and maintain good health. It also reduces the risk of developing calluses, strains, and stiffness in the soles of the feet.

Walking barefoot engages your foot muscles in a way that reinforces a natural walking pattern. This natural gait with improved biomechanics– posture, body awareness, and balance can help with pain relief, in part by enhancing the body mechanics of the knees, hips, and core. Moving the way nature intended can lead to stronger leg and core muscles which support and improve lower back strength and tone.

Provides Vitamin D

When you walk barefoot on grass, you are exposed to the direct sun’s rays. These rays help nourish the body by activating the production of Vitamin D, which is also known as the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D keeps your bones healthy and prevents osteoarthritis and other bone and joint related diseases. So make sure you get your daily dose of Vitamin D and also get the most of your health by walking barefoot in the morning.

Benefits of walking barefoot on grass are plenty. All it takes is a little motivation to leave your bed early in the morning and head to a nearby park. This simple morning routine can pack you with energy to keep going through the day along with revitalizing your senses and making you feel peaceful. Walking early in the morning is preferred than late evening as the grass is still wet with morning dew which is highly beneficial. A daily stroll lasting anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes should suffice to fill you up with energy to sail through the rest of the day.

Aids in sleeping

A good walk on the grass stabilizes the circadian rhythm of your body by which, you have a better sleep at night. Earthing also helps in balancing of hormones in the body.

Apart from these, there are other benefits of earthing such as it improves autonomic nervous system balance, promotes cardiovascular health, improves blood viscosity, boosts brain power, improves heart rate variability etc.
Nature is healing; all we need to do is try to hang out to enjoy its serenity or get a holiday package to treat yourself with the treasures of nature during your weekend getaways… Perhaps it’s time to being out in nature, barefooted! So take off your shoes and relax your feet!