How To Be Corona-Safe When You Watch IPL Matches With Your Buddies?

How To Be Corona-Safe When You Watch IPL Matches With Your Buddies?

A few precautions absolutely must be implemented by all of you-

1. If anyone has a fever, sore throat, or any signs of COVID-19 virus, let everyone know. Under no circumstances must the sick person be in the presence of others. If appropriate steps are not taken and the person with the symptoms still wants to watch the match together, then you should cancel the plan.

2. Ask everyone to do a thermal check in front of the rest of the group. It sounds harsh, but it is important.

3. Wear your mask and gloves at all times, use sanitizers whenever necessary & also Keep your alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you and use it after touching any common object/surface.

4. Drink water/beverages from your own bottle/mug. Do not share.

5. Sit 6 feet apart from each other, especially while eating and drinking.

6. Keep the AC off, the windows open and the fan on.

7. Eat from your own packet/box/bowl.

8. Disinfect the toilet seat with the atomizer spray before using it.

9. Shower and wash everything after going home.

10. If you hosted the gathering, clean up the living room and washroom once everyone leaves. Then take a shower.

COVID 19-protocol will allow you to do the things you love and at the same time keep yourself and everyone safe. This is the new normal. So do implement these precautions to make it a more merry and safe experience for all! Learn living with it 🙂