Grey Hairs In Teens: Causes & solution!

Premature greying of hair is one of the most annoying issues faced by teenagers these days, both boys and girls. Blame it on factors like stress, pollution or poor eating habits there is no denying that ‘one little strand’ of grey hair triggers panic in us and making us to seek medication instantly or turning to home remedies.

What causes premature greying of hair?

(1). Melanin pigment deficiency: Melanin pigment is responsible for hair color or natural hair color, grey hair is occurs due to absence of melanin pigment. Take more nutrition food and supplement with vitamins and protein to increase the production of melanin in the body.

(2) Genetics: It’s all in genetics, say doctors. According to studies, premature greying happens due to genetics. Talk to your parents or even grandparents on when they first spotted their grey hair. If they had it very early in their age, chances are there you too will do the same.

(3). Stress: Stress is one of the main culprits that plays a crucial role in greying hair at a faster pace. It goes with very simple understanding – the more stressed you are, the more health gets affected. Try to relax, do deep breathing exercises and keep stress at an arm’s length if you avoid want to grey strands of hair.

(4). Lack of nutrition’s or unhealthy food: Best nutrition elements should be included in your daily food, also take some vitamins and protein supplements. Gray hair may occurs due to insufficient nutrition’s such as iron, copper, iodine and vitamin b. Healthy food and supplements play a vital role to stay healthy. So eat a proper healthy and organic food.

(5). Excessive intake of fast & junk foods: You should be aware about these foods; it is very harmful to health. So, you should be avoiding of eating of oily, salty, fried and fast food. You can always try to eat more nutrition and organic food to stay prevent from gray hair.

(6). Excessive use of chemical and cosmetic products: Be aware about chemical dye and cosmetic products such as soap, shampoo, oil etc. These unsuitable products may be causes for premature graying. Try to use organic and herbal product to keep your hair healthy and natural.

(7). Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking: Alcohol and smoking is dangerous to health. It can be harmful for body cells or even damage them. You should choose a right way to live a healthy life. Avoid alcohol and quit smoking for a better life. Also avoid the use of tobacco.

(8). Medication reaction: Sometimes premature graying may be due to medication reactions or therapy’s effect. Research shows that medication or therapy might be a reason behind gray hair. We can also call a bed reaction of medication. Therefore medication should be used only under the supervision of a physician.

(9). Careless nature and sedentary lifestyle: Most of the people are use hair conditioner and other hair products instead of hair oil. So, the hair doesn’t get a proper nutrition in the absence of hair oil. You should use hair oil or oil massaging daily to prevent gray hair otherwise if you do not care then it may be possible to turn white.

(10). Allergic infection: Hair could become white from allergy or pollution infection. Therefore try to avoid the place which is full of pollution or dust. Also wash properly your hair from herbal shop or shampoo when affected.

(11). Thyroid: Get your thyroid functioning to check if it is causing the issues with your hair. Both excessive and insufficient functioning of thyroid causes may alter with the skin and hair, reducing the amount of melanin thus causing those grey strands of hair.

Solution for Grey Hairs in teens

1. Lemon and amla (gooseberry) powder

Gooseberry (amla) is the best source of vitamin c with anti-aging formula that reduces the melanin pigment deficiency and works to recover the dead cells from the scalp. And lemon has the antibacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties that helps to cure from hair-fall, damaged hair and white hair problems.
Lemonpowder of indian gooseberry (amla) pure water. Method to prepare the remedy: Mix juice of a lemon, two teaspoons of water and four teaspoons of indian gooseberry (amla) powder. Mix well make a paste; then leave it thoroughly up to an hour.

How to use: You can apply or put this paste on your scalp as shampoo. Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes. Thereafter, wash it thoroughly with clean water. But remember, avoid use shampoo and soap when you are using this remedy to getting effects of remedy.

Note: Apply this paste on the scalp and hair roots.

Special caution’s:
Be careful while washing hair it shouldn’t go into eyes. Use it every fourth day in a week. Then, you can get all white hair black in a few months. You can use soap, shampoo and hair oil except the day of applying the paste. If possible, the use of herbal (ayurvedic) shampoo, soap and oil would be a much better choice. Pure amla oil can be used as hair oil. Massage this paste to the hair roots. By using this remedy, you will get rid from all the hair problems. 2. Henna (rosemary) powder and amla (gooseberry)

Henna is the excellent herbal remedy to coloring the white hair; it’s a natural coloring product that you can easily make at home.

Mix some organic henna powder and amla powder into water to make a paste. Leave it for at least two hour. Then apply this remedial paste to you scalp or hairs. Wash it after one and half hour to get natural coloring of hair.

3. Triphala powder

Triphala is the boon for dead cells of the scalp; it works to recover all the problem related to damaged and graying of hair. Take a teaspoon of triphala powder with water before sleeping. You will get rid from white hair as well as hair fall.

4. Bhringraj (false daisy) oil

Bhringraj is an ancient ayurvedic herb that works to treat all the hair problems. The oil made by its seed is very effective to reduce the symptoms of graying of hair.

Mix one teaspoon of bhringraj oil and one teaspoon of amla oil; mix well. Gently massage on your scalp and hair roots before sleeping. It is perfect combination to get rid from graying of hair.

5. Shikakai (acacia concinna) and amla (gooseberry)

Shikakai and amla has been used traditionally for hair care by ayurveda since ancient times. Even shikakai is known for hair care. It is the best herbal product and natural shampoo for hair. Also we can say that, it is the effective treatment for gray hair.

Take 12-15 seeds from shikakai fruit pods and make a fine powder to grind them. Soak this powder into a glass of water and also add 3 tablespoon of amla powder, leave for overnight. Strain and wash your hair with this water. It is a natural shampoo for hair; use it on a regular basis for couple of week to get a long, shiny and black hair.

6. Use Right Shampoo: Stop using shampoos that are harsh on your hair. Read carefully about the ingredients, choose an organic shampoo as few products can affect pigmentation of your scalp and initiate greying.

7. Onion

Onion is also an effective home treatment for hair loss and premature graying. The juice of onion helps in preventing premature graying, hair loss and baldness. Apply or massage the onion juice on you scalp to get rid from gray hair. You can use it every night before go to bed and leave overnight. It is also helps to hair growth.

Another effective way

Onion and lemon juice: – you can also use this effective method to get rid of premature greying, hair fall and also with the dandruff.

Take 3 teaspoon onion juice + 2 teaspoon of lemon juice, mix well. Apply it on your scalp as dye and leave for 30 minutes, thereafter wash off with warm water. You should use this method 3 to 4 times in a week to get effective results.

8. Eat Right: Eat food packed with proteins, carbs and right amounts of nutrition. Our skin and hair are made up of Keratin – a protein. Foods like spinach, dairy products, protein supplements will load enough strength to the roots of your hair and ensure not to lose its natural sheen.

9. Castor oil

Castor oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to cure premature graying and baldness. Massage or apply castor oil on your scalp to get beneficial. Use at least two times in a week; apply at night before you go to bed and wash in the morning to get effective results.

10. Black tea

Black tea is natural ingredients to treat gray hair. It works for darken your hair and make them soft and shiny. You can try this formula to get rid from premature graying.

Mix 3-4 teaspoons of black tea into a glass of water and bring to boil. Boil it for five minutes and allow it to cool. Strain and apply this water on your hair or wash your hair with this water. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before wash. Use this method twice or trice in a week to get rid from gray hair.

11. Black sesame seeds:

Sesame seeds have been a source of food and oil since thousands of years; it is the best source of edible oil. The black sesame seed may be small in size but it is an effective source of antioxidant and nutrition’s. Also it is the rich source of protein and omega 6 fatty acids that helps to preventing your hair from turning white. According to medical research, it can also help in reversing the process. Therefore, you should use this remedial treatment for get rid from gray hair.

You can mix black sesame seeds into some yogurt. Eat it in the morning on an empty stomach to get effective results.


Grind some black sesame seeds and mix into the amla oil (gooseberry oil). Apply it on you scalp and leave at least for 30 minutes. Thereafter wash off with clean water. Use this remedy once daily and at least for couple of weeks. It is an effective remedial treatment for white hair.

12. Carrot juice

Healthy diet and healthy drink is a key to stay healthy. It is one of the key ingredients that help to preventing from white hair. The simple treatment of white hair is, drink a glass of carrot juice on daily morning. It is best natural remedy to cure white hair. Drink only fresh juice or you can make it yourself at home. Also carrot juice is beneficial to boost the functionality of nervous system.

13. Oil Your Hair & Regular Massage:: Dry and dehydrated hair may cause those grey strands due to lack of moisture. Apply warm coconut oil on to the scalp, massage gently and wash it after 2 hours. This provides enough moisture and nutrition to the hair and scalp. Also boil a fistful of curry leaves to hair oil before applying. This will delay greying of the hair.

Massaging your hair regularly with natural oils will help tremendously. Mix iodized salt with black tea, gently massage and leave it for an hour. Wash it with plain water.