White Eggs Vs Brown Eggs: What One is Better?

White Eggs Vs Brown Eggs: What One is Better?

Most people believe that brown eggs are better than white eggs because it is believed that brown eggs are more natural as compared to white ones. Also, there is a faulty belief that brown eggs are healthier and nutritionally rich as compared to white eggs. However, this is not true.

As per a 2010 study published in the Journal Poultry Science, all eggs are nutritionally similar irrespective of the size and colour of the shell. All chicken eggs contain almost the same amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins and provide the same amount of calories. The shell colour doesn’t have any effect on the quality and composition of eggs.

What Gives White/Brown Colour to Eggshell?

Colour of the eggshell is determined by genetics. However, there are certain other factors such as environment, diet and the level of stress in hens. These do not change the colour of the shell per se but can cause the shell to have a slightly lighter or darker shade. The colour of the shell by no means indicate how healthy or tasty an egg is.

White Or Brown Eggs — Which Is Tastier?

Just like the nutrition value, there is no significant difference between the taste of brown eggs and white eggs based on the colour. However, the diet of hens and the freshness of the eggs do impact the taste of the eggs. Store the eggs at low temperatures, or refrigerate, to preserve its taste and nutrient profile.