When to eat fruits? With or without a meal?

When to eat fruits? With or without a meal?

As per Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija (Celebrity nutritionist), Fruits have a volatile nutrition. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are lost when they are waiting to be digested with the protein, carbs and fats of the main meal.”

So, even if you are having a small bowl of fruit with your main meal, it will do nothing but add more calories to your meal, and you won’t even get the nutrition which you are probably seeking for them.

So when should we eat fruits?

The best time to eat fruit is as a separate standalone snack i.e eat them without meal. It will provide you with a dash fibre and antioxidants, that will fill you up just enough to satisfy your mid-meal hunger pangs, but not kill the appetite for your main meals as well.

It is also healthy to have fruits first thing in the morning or as your first meal of the day. It can help you start with the day at the right tone and also help in boosting digestion.

Mainly, it is important to understand that eating fruits is considered to be an important of a healthy, balanced diet. But, to reap maximum benefits from them, you must eat them in the correct pattern, as explained above. Also make sure that you have local and seasonal fruits, as they facilitate diversity in your diet and improve gut flora.