Warm Water Vs. Cold Water- Which One Is Harmful To Your Health?

Warm Water Vs. Cold Water- Which One Is Harmful To Your Health?

Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Drinking warm water, especially in the morning, can heal our bodies from inside-out. If you start consuming warm water regularly, it will:
1. Aid in weight loss: Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning increases body temperature and the metabolic rate. This helps break down the adipose tissue, or the body fat, thus leading to weight loss.If you sip on warm water with a dash of lemon juice, it controls food cravings due to the effect of pectin fiber, which is found in the lemon juice. This further speeds up the weight loss process.

2. Promote healthy digestion: Sipping on warm water in the morning stimulates the digestion as it:
  • Activates the stomach and the intestines. Prepares the digestive system and the glands for the first meal of the day.
  • Helps in breaking down the food into smaller particles making it easier to digest it.
  • Allows the body to absorb nutrients from the food and neutralizes excess digestive acids.
3. Stop premature aging: Presence of toxins in the body is one of the prime reasons for premature aging. However, if you start your day by drinking warm water, it can help detoxify the body while repairing skin cells for better elasticity.

What happens when you drink cold water?

When you drink cold or refrigerated water on an empty stomach, or before, or after a meal, it can lead to various health hassles, such as:

  • It leads to constipation. When you drink cold water before or after your meal, the food and the oil content of the meal that you have eaten solidifies and causes deposition of a layer of fat in the intestine. This results into constipation and other tummy woes like bloating, heartburn, and acidity.
  • It shrinks the blood vessels and hampers the blood circulation.
  • It creates excess mucus in your body, which can lead to a decrease in immunity, making it easier to catch cold and infectious illnesses.

So, the next time you reach out for a glass of cold water, just think of the harmful effects that it might bring to your health!

With so many benefits listed, prefer starting your day by sipping on warm water for a healthier you, every day!  However, do check with your physician before you start drinking warm water, because if you are on any medications it could impact their efficacy.