Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Eat Ghee Daily

Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Eat Ghee Daily

1.Apply ghee over your rotis to reduce their glycemic index, to make them moister and more digestible.

2.Ghee is considered to be a good source of energy. It contains medium chain and short chain fatty acids. They can provide you with sufficient energy to help you go through the day without feeling lethargic.

3.If you have clogged nose, ghee can come to your rescue. According to Ayurveda, dropping a few drops of warm, pure ghee into your nostrils can soother clogged nose. Do it first thing in the morning to get relief. Make sure that you get access to warm and pure ghee for this.

4.Adding ghee with lunch can kill your evening cravings for junk food and desserts. It can be especially helpful if you feel sleepy after lunch or if your productivity goes down during second half of the day.

5.You can also add an extra tsp of ghee to your dinner in case you wake up feeling constipated or other digestion issues. It can also help in improving sleep quality.

6.Ghee is safe for consumption for people with cholesterol and blood pressure issues. Rujuta says that ghee helps in regulating cholesterol by increasing lipids and giving a boost to metabolism.

7.The amount of ghee that goes into your food also matters. Ideally, you should add as much ghee to food until it enhances the taste of food, and doesn’t kill it. Besides, everyone should get around 3 to 6 tsp of ghee every day, recommends Rujuta.

8.With the current change of season and the temperatures dropping slightly, ghee can help you keep warm and give a boost to your immunity.

9.For people outside India, she recommends organic butter or clarified butter that is sold in health food stores. Grazing, grass-fed cow milk products should be your preferred picks.