Suffering from Constant Cold? Read here!

Suffering from Constant Cold? Read here!

Sinusitis Vs Cold: Know The Difference

The main difference is the duration of symptoms. You will most probably recover from a cold  within 5-10 days. But, this infection can make you feel run down for 4 weeks (acute sinusitis) or for over 3 months (chronic sinusitis).

Some of the common triggers of sinusitis include:


-Seasonal allergies

-Smoking, including passive smoking

-Changes in barometric pressure during air travel or scuba diving

-Soft, painless growth inside the nasal passages (nasal polyps)

-Deviated nasal septum, i.e, the thin wall in the nose that separates the nostrils is displaced to one side

-Weak immune system.

What are the solutions?

Most sinus infections usually get better on their own without antibiotics by taking proper self-care measures. Talk to your doctor about the best treatment in your case. Here are a few tips to help you feel better.

– Apply warm compress on your face to soothe sinus pain.

– Wash your nasal passages with saline rinse daily to clear off any extra mucus and keep the passages moist.

– Keep yourself hydrated.

– Inhale steam or take a long hot shower to open up your sinuses.

– Keep your head elevated while sleeping.

– Use a humidifier at home or workplace.

– Take anti-allergic medicines and decongestants only when prescribed.