Storing Excess Atta Dough? 5 Smart Tips

Storing Excess Atta Dough? 5 Smart Tips

Use Zip Lock Bags:

Opt for zip lock bags when storage space is limited. Place the dough inside, expel excess air, and seal tightly to maintain freshness.

Choose a Cool, Dry Spot:

Whether you use foil, containers, or zip lock bags, ensure your storage spot is cool and dry. While finding such conditions in modern kitchens can be challenging, the refrigerator is an ideal choice. Store the dough there for freshness and convenience.

Use air tight container:

Don’t have foil or wrap at home? There’s nothing to worry. You can go for a clean and dry airtight container instead. It will help lock the moisture and keep it fresh for long. For added benefits, cover the dough with a clean kitchen cloth before storing; this will help soak extra moisture.

Add some oil:

Always add some oil or ghee while kneading the dough. It will help keep the dough soft for long, even when you store it for later use.

Encase with Aluminum Foil or Plastic Wrap:

To retain moisture effectively, tightly envelop the dough using aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Ensure thorough coverage from all angles before placing the wrapped dough in a container for storage.