Running or Jogging? Find out which is better.

Running or Jogging? Find out which is better.

Running and jogging are forms of aerobic exercises. Both these aerobic exercises help the body to lose weight and make general improvements in ones health. Jogging requires more muscle than walking and can be done by anyone, where as running requires more effort than jogging. It is more intense than jogging. Running speed is affected by stride length and frequency as well as total body fitness.


Joggers have more of a bouncy movement when they move, while runners have a steady rhythm that includes longer steps and faster arm swing. When you’re running, the position at which your foot strikes the ground is very important. The ball of your foot should strike the ground first, not the heel. Although the same is true when you’re jogging, a mistake when you’re running is more likely to cause an injury since your foot is hitting the ground more frequently and harder.

Effects on the Body

If you run — that is, if you go at least 6 mph — your feet will touch the ground more often than if you jog. According to a 2010 article in “The New York Daily News,” recreational jogging should not harm healthy knees. Running, on the other hand, can be tough on your knees, especially if you do it on uneven terrain or for long stretches.

Calorie Burning

As for calorie burning, running is more effective than jogging. The speed at which you run also affects calorie burning. A 155-lb. person will burn 563 calories running an hour at 5 mph, 880 calories running at 7.5 mph and over 1,000 calories at 9 mph or faster. Jogging will burn about 492 calories per hour.

Why You Should Run:

Health benefits of running regularly is unbelievable It helps in building stronger bones, strengthens muscles, helps in developing cardiovascular fitness, burns those extra calories and maintains good health.

Get Fit: Running is an amazing activity to get fit over few months. If you’re a beginner, start with brisk walking, advance to jogging and over a period of few weeks speed up to running.

Weight Loss: Running contributes for weight loss in an amazing manner. However, one has to inculcate healthy eating habits like consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereals, low-fat foods and completely avoid processed foods.

Strengthens Relationships: Running along with your companion strengthens the relationship. Run along with your friend, spouse or even a neighbour for fun times along with the activity.

Competitive: Running clubs are mushrooming in every city and join the right one for you. These clubs come up with weekend activities from beginners to experienced runners.

Prevents Diabetes: Diabetes is often caused due to sedentary lifestyle and running regularly helps in keeping lifestyle diseases like diabetes away. It also helps in developing strong immune system and aids in fighting bacteria and viruses.