Permanent or temporary tattoos, Which one is better?

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Pondering if a temporary or permanent one is best for you? With the trend nowadays, having a tattoo is very fashionable. While it may be cool to have the permanent ones, changes in personal tastes over time may opt them to choose for the temporary ones.

Temporary Tattoos

The pigment or ink is applied only at the outermost layer of your skin. In this way, only the epidermis gets the pigment but as your skin keeps on shedding or lose skin cells, the pigment will eventually fade away. Most of the time, the pigments will last for about 1 to 2 weeks but it can be shorter if you will use detergent and hot water more often.

Permanent Tattoos

This is the kind of body art that lasts even until you age, but it doesn’t mean that permanent tattoos aren’t prone to fading. Yes, they might have a lighter color as compared to when you just have it done but the pigment doesn’t entirely go away. The only way to remove the pigments is through laser treatment but the pain experienced during this treatment is very excruciating. Using anesthetics to obtain a numb skin is important. It is also very costly, even more expensive compared to when you had the pigments applied. So it is very important to think it thoroughly before having a tattoo. You may need a tattoo removal cream if you really want to have them removed in the future.

What are the differences of temporary and permanent tattoos?


Pain is the major difference between permanent and temporary tattoos. Starting from the permanent tattoos, they are made with a needle that punctures your skin to embed the ink, causing pain and discomfort. Moreover, you do see a little bit of blood coming out of your skin while having permanent tattoo which is the part of the process.

On the other hand, temporary tattoos are done with brush, dyes and sticker instead of using needles for ink insertion. And you don’t see any blood oozing out from the tattoo spot. This is why they don’t hurt you and entire process is easygoing.


Needless to say temporary tattoos are affordable as they are not that complicated. Permanent tattoos are expensive depending on the size, design and the price of the artist. Good thing is that temporary tattoos are available as the stickers you can buy and place them on your skin while heading into festivals or events.

However, you must prefer value over prices to get the good tattoo design.

Life of a Tattoo:

Temporary tattoo have a shorter life span than their permanent counterpart. This is because they are made with colors that tend to be washed off with water or detergent. Permanent tattoos, as name implies, are long-lasting and even go up to a lifetime. However, they require few touch ups to maintain their vibrancy.

Skin Damage:

Temporary tattoos are drawn on the skin with brush and dyes. Therefore, they don’t injure your skin or penetrate it, unlike permanent tattoos. However, it triggers burning sensation or itching if you are allergic to the paint.

In permanent tattoos, a needle is used to penetrate your skin to set the ink design. In fact, permanent tattoo is a kind of skin wound requiring healing time.

Side Effects:

Whereas temporary tattoos are safe, you can have skin rashes or itching if you are allergic towards paints and dyes. Make sure your artist use the paint free from toxic and allergenic contents.

You are required to follow aftercare instructions to avoid complications and tattoo fading if you have got permanent tattoos.

Removing factor:

If your interest in tattoos wears off and you want to simply discontinue it, then with temporary tattoos you can do it very easily. If you use water and detergent very frequently in your tattooed area, then your temporary tattoo will tarnish very quickly. But for permanent tattoos, this is nearly impossible.

Which One is Right for you?

Summing up the above given differences, one can say that temporary tattoos are safe and good for experiments with designs while permanent tattoos are for more stylish appeal. However, one thing is for sure that you need a good artist for both types.