Paratha vs Roti vs Rice: Which is the best diet for weight loss?

Roti vs paratha vs rice: Which is the best diet for weight loss?


Most people would consider roti the best choice on a weight-loss diet, especially if they make a few alterations to the classic way that it is made. Roti is also very versatile – different types of flours can be used to make it, and one can pick a flour that works the best for their diet. It is also oil-free, unlike a paratha, which makes it a better choice for weight loss. Though traditionally, ghee is applied on the roti, it can be easily skipped when one wants to follow a strict diet. One serving of roti contains about 120 calories, which makes it a rich and one of the primary sources of carbohydrates for many Indians. Roti definitely has certain properties that make it fit for a weight-loss diet.


Parathas may not be the first choice for people who are on a diet, because of the oil/butter or ghee which is used in their preparation. Parathas are also versatile and different types of flours can be used to make it, but everyone on a weight loss diet would agree that oily food is a strict no-no when you are trying to reduce some inches.


Some 100 g of rice contains 130 calories, which is almost the same as one serving of roti. Rice, depending on the variety you use, can be starchy or non-starchy, which can affect the calories you take and in turn, affect your weight. Rice, however, contains slightly less fat than rotis. Rotis, on the other hand, contain sodium, potassium and iron, which are present in lesser quantities in rice.

Final verdict!

The oil content definitely rules out the consumption of paratha during a weight loss diet. However, when it comes to the choice between roti and rice, it is slightly tricky. Which of the two would be a better choice depends on the variety of rice you use, or which flour you use to make your rotis. Losing weight also has a lot to do with portion control, so no matter what you eat, it is more important to control your portions and not binge on a particular food.