Here’s What Corona Patients Should Include To Have An Ideal Diet!

Here’s What Corona Patients Should Include To Have An Ideal Diet!

Breakfast Meal

– Covid-19 patients are prescribed to take antacid medicine on an empty stomach in the morning.
– Once taken, you can sip through a glass of honey lemon drink to start off your day.
– After an hour, you can eat fresh sprouts and a hot turmeric ginger drink.

– Take a one-hour break after the early morning sprout snack and then eat a light breakfast with ragi java which is a nutritious drink made out of ragi and water or milk.
– You may even take masala chai (sugarless)

Afternoon lunch

– Time for a heavy, nutrient-dense meal two to two-and-a-half hours after the mid-morning snack.
– Fill half your plate with a stomach-filling quantity of fresh vegetable salad, including cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, onion rings dressed with extra virgin olive oil, coriander, and a few black grapes or strawberries.
– Fill the remaining half with rice and 2 phulkas, dal variant curry, 1 boiled curry (beans & carrot; carrot & beetroot; cabbage), and curd.

Evening Tea time

– Rest for 2-3 hours after your glass of juice before sipping on your cup of ginger chai along with fiber-rich biscuits and/or boiled/soaked nuts.

Dinner time

– The last phase of diet for corona patients should be kept light. Eat 1 phulka with a light curry and buttermilk at least 2 hours after your supper.

– Allow 2 hours of time to pass and then enjoy a glass of pepper & turmeric milk.