Have a safe Holi!

Have a safe Holi!
Holi is here once more and surely, you are not going to keep yourself away from the colourful celebrations of the festival? But while you celebrate Holi to the hilt and dabble with the myriad colours, remember to take these precautions given below. These safety tips are quick to go through but will go a long way to ensure your well-being during your colourful festivities that can turn harmful for yourself and your dear ones with a little lack of caution.

Few Holi Safety Tips and Measures For Joyous and Colourful Holi:

1. Always use herbal colours, made by flower leaves and it is even better if you use branded colours.
2. Always wear ragged clothes such as denims are recommended and dispose them just after the celebrations.
3. Try to wear Full clothes, so harmful chemicals mixed in holi colours not reached sensitive body parts.
4. Apply coconut oil on whole body even on hairs also before start playing with colours.
5. Keep your lips and eyes tightly closed while someone smeared colour on your face. You can also use sunglasses to protect eyes from colours.
6. Apply thick coating of nail paint on your nails to protect them from colours.
7. Never throw balloons filled with coloured water on anyone, as it may cause some internal injury.
8. To protect teeth from colour stains you can use dental cap.
9. Cover you head with hats, caps and shower cap to save hairs from harmful colours.
10. Never rub your face; if you do this you get rashes and burn sensations. So try to use cleansing cream or home product like Gram Flour (Besan).

11. Try to avoid the usage of Grease colours and play with red and pink colours as they are easy to remove.
12. Try to be at home during the peak hour of celebrations as home is the safest place.
13. Always keep the car windows shut while driving.
14. Avoid dancing and walking on wet floor as you may slip and cause an accident.
15. Its better to avoid playing colours if you are allergic or if you really want to enjoy, at least consult a dermatologist.