Empty Stomach? Avoid these items!

Empty Stomach? Avoid these items!

Melons: Most people who run, jog or exercise in the morning tend to start their day wi fresh fruits and fruit juices as it gives instant energy. However, fruits belonging to the melon family such as watermelon and muskmelon are a strict no-no, especially in the morning. The high levels of fibre in these fruits can affect the digestion process and lead to gas and burping throughout the day.

Chilled drinks: It is wise to start your day with a glass of water but not with a glass of chilled water or iced beverages. Chilled drinks not only make your digestive system sluggish but also harm the mucous membrane. Instead, have lukewarm water or fruit juices (except melons) on empty stomach and chilled drinks preferably after meals.

Spicy food: Love spicy food? If yes, then ensure you do not have it for breakfast. Spicy food when had on an empty stomach can irritate the lining of the stomach and can lead to an upset stomach.

Coffee: Just like tea, even coffee is not advised first thing in the morning. If you are a coffee lover and can’t think of starting your day without coffee, then drink coffee after having your breakfast. This is because coffee, when had on an empty stomach, increases the production of stomach acid. It not only damages the lining of the stomach but also increases the heart rate and blood pressure.

Sweets: Most people believe that eating sweets on an empty stomach provides a boost of energy to kickstart the day. Although it is not wrong, it can lead to a drastic spike and sudden fall in the blood glucose level, which can lead to irritability and fatigue. It can ruin the rest of your day and can also make you less productive at work as it lacks healthy nutrients and fails to sustain the energy throughout the day. Moreover, eating sweets in the morning regularly can harm the teeth as it can increase the risk of cavities.

Green Vegetables:  Some people who are calorie conscious and want to eat healthy, start their day with green vegetables thinking it will help. Eating salad loaded with greens at least once a day is a good idea to stay healthy and fit. But eating such high fibre (roughage) food without the accompanying carbs for breakfast leads to abdominal discomfort and makes you gassy.

Medicines: Last but the most important thing to keep in mind is medicines. Certain medicines such as antibiotics and painkillers are not recommended on an empty stomach. The reason being these medicines can irritate the intestinal lining and can cause stomach ulcers. Moreover, the chemicals in the medicines can be rendered ineffective. However, not all medicines should be avoided. Medicines such as antacids and antiemetics can be taken on an empty stomach when advised by a doctor. So talk to your doctor about the right time to take medicines.