Couldn’t Find Hand Sanitizer? Make it at home!

Couldn't Find Hand Sanitizer? Make it at home!

Contents(must have):

– 99% isopropyl alcohol

– Aloe vera gel

Contens(good to have):

– Vitamin E oil

– Tea tree oil

– Lavender essential oil

Materials required:

– A glass bowl as mixing container

– A mixing spoon/spatula

– A dispensing container

Steps to make:

1. Remember the hand sanitizer mixture should contain at least two-part isopropyl alcohol and one-part aloe vera gel, out of a three part mix. So, if you have to prepare 3 cups of hand sanitizer, take 2 cups of isopropyl alcohol and 1 cup of aloe vera gel.

2. Take 1 cup of aloe vera gel in the glass bowl. This will act as the base of the hand sanitizer and has moisturizing properties too.

3. Add 2 cups of 99% isopropyl alcohol to the aloe vera gel. This ensures that your hand sanitizer will have a strength of ~60.66% alcohol. Your hand sanitizer must have at least 60% alcohol as suggested by the CDC[1]. 91% isopropyl alcohol would work as well. Don’t use vodka or any other form of alcohol instead of isopropyl alcohol.

4. Add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil. It is known to have germ-killing properties as per few researches.

5. Also, add 5-10 drops of essential lavender oil. This will add a nice soothing fragrance. You can also use lemongrass or peppermint oil, if you like those more.

6. Add ½ teaspoon of Vitamin E oil. This ensures your hands stay well moisturized every time you use your hand sanitizer.

7. Mix this thoroughly to make an even preparation.

8. Pour it in a clean dispenser and you are good-to-go!

9. You can consider skipping steps 3-7 if other ingredients are not available. Just mix the aloe vera gel and isopropyl alcohol well and store this mixture. This is the most simple do-it-yourself hand sanitizer you can make at home.