Air Pollution, Some useful tips!

Air Pollution, Some useful tips!

Use air purifiers

One of the most simple and effective ways to improve indoor air quality and prevent the health risks associated with household pollution is to buy an air purifier. Using air purifiers can significantly reduce the level of pollutants in your room and help you breathe clean air.

 Have some indoor plants

Indoor plants have been found to absorb the poisonous gaseous contaminants through their leaves and roots and help you to fight indoor pollution. Invest in indoor plants such as aloe vera, peace lily, spider plant and bamboo palm that you can add to your workplace and house.

Stay indoors, mainly in the morning

Avoid going for morning walks and outdoor activities as air pollution is said to be worse in the morning. So exercising outdoors in the early hours can do more harm than good as you might end up breathing polluted air. As kids tend to play outside, it is important to restrict their playtime when the pollutant levels are high.

Try using public transport to travel

Opt for public transport or carpooling instead of private vehicles to reduce traffic and pollution. This way you can do your bit in reducing pollution in your city. Avoid areas that are highly congested to lower the risk of pollution.

Use anti-pollution masks/nasal filters

Poor quality of air makes it important to use a mask. But paper masks, stoles/handkerchiefs, and surgical masks offer no significant protection against the harmful air pollutants. Opt for N95/N99 respiratory masks which filter out particulate matter and help you to breathe cleaner air. Nasal filters also work effectively in filtering polluted air.